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Answer the following questions to find out what name a dragon would give you.

1. What is your first name?

2. You wake up to find that it is raining. What do you do?
Wait impatiently for the sun to come out.
Smile and enjoy the moment.
Call a friend to chat.
Work on a project that you've been meaning to get to.
Watch the storm for a while before finding something to pass the time.
Sit down and read a good book.

3. You see a friend in trouble. What do you do?
Put yourself in harms way to save them.
Pick them up after it is over and help them laugh again.
Listen to their troubles when it is all over.
Jump in to defend them.
Help them to see both sides of the story and mediate the problem.
Help them to learn from the experience.

4. While cleaning the library of a well known wizard you discover a giant, dusty old book. What do you do?
Dust it off and put it in its proper place.
Draw pretty designs in the dust.
Restore the cover and clean the pages.
See how long you can hold it above your head.
Tell the wizard you found it.
Read the entire book.

5. The quality you value most is?

6. How would you rather spend a day?
Helping others
Dancing and singing
With Friends
Running or fencing
Having a good debate

7. When playing a game you are most likely too?
Make sure everyone is having a good time.
Make sure you are having a good time.
Let the others win and just enjoy spending time with them.
Do all you can to win (without being too brutal of course).
Root for the best player to win. And hope it's you.
Analyze ever move made and try to learn from it.

8. You are going to plant flowers around your house, which color do you choose?



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